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Unsure of what to do when you're not busy crushing heads or wondering about Tony? Join the Kids in the Hall Icon Community! Because we all know there's nothing more fun than converting Kids in the Hall pictures into pretty little pieces of 100x100-pixel art.

(1) Treat all members with respect. This is an icon community; there's no reason for fights and pointless drama!

(2) If you're going to be posting more than a couple of icons, please lj-cut your entry.

(3) Unless otherwise stated, it is common courtesy to credit the creator of any icon you take by including their livejournal username in the icon's keywords.

(4) Posts requesting icons are allowed; also, feel free to share any pictures that others can use for icon-making purposes. Remember: lj-cut is your friend!

(5) Yes, you can advertise your own communities . . . IF they're in some way related to The Kids in the Hall.

Any questions, comments, or suggestions? Feel free to contact me, nerdork.